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Astoria Star, LLC Recovery Homes

Many of our patients find that resident living is not all that difficult, until they return home. Astoria Star, LLC. houses are ideal for those who fear a relapse and are said to mark the “halfway” point in treatment. 

What is Astoria Star, LLC?

Astoria Star, LLC., is designed to help individuals maintain resident living. It is more structured than the environment many people have at home. Individuals may still perform outside obligations, such as work or school.

What is it Like to Live Astoria Star, LLC?

You will share a room with another resident of the same biological gender. Living quarters are separated by sex, with males being housed in one home and females in another. The house also provides common areas for eating, recreation, and socialization. You will be expected to help maintain these common areas and will be given a list of chores to complete daily, weekly, and monthly.

While at Astoria Star, LLC, you may also receive assistance finding a job, housing, or other resources to ensure you are successful once you leave. Of course, if you are already working, you will be given plenty of time off for employment.

How Long Can I Stay?

The length of your stay will depend on your particular circumstances. Our programs are designed for stays that range anywhere from three to 6 months. During your stay, we will continuously be working with you to ensure you have the right resources in place.

How North Coast Recovery Can Help

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