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Signs of Drug Addiction in Oregon

A growing problem in the United States, drug addiction affects people of all social classes, ages, and races. It used to be that drug addiction was thought of as a problem with illegal substances, but more and more people are also becoming addicted to prescription medication. Both types of drug addiction are dangerous, and require treatment at North Coast Recovery in Astoria, Oregon, serving the residents of Astoria and the surrounding communities in the Pacific Northwest and across the country.

What Is Drug Addiction?

Drug addiction is a condition in which people become physically or mentally addicted to drugs. A drug is considered any substance that produces modifications to the body’s natural functioning. Alcohol is technically considered a drug, although alcohol addiction is typically listed in a class by itself.

When people are addicted to drugs, they must consume increasing amounts of it in order to achieve the desired effects. They may also need to take a drug more often, in which case, occasional or recreational use can develop into a regular habit. What originally started out to be “no big deal” can soon turn into a dangerous lifestyle with devastating consequences.

Signs of Drug Addiction

If a loved one is addicted to drugs, you may notice one or more of the following signs:

  • Needle tracks in arms, or unexplained bruises that may arise from “shooting up”
  • Financial difficulties; being unable to meet basic monthly expenses
  • A lack of energy, which can be accompanied by sleeping too much or too little
  • Lying, or secretive behavior
  • Change in mental state – being unusually euphoric or undergoing severe depression

Changes in Behavior

When someone develops a drug addiction, his or her lifestyle begins to revolve around that substance. As such, individuals may cut back on social activities in order to spend more time doing drugs. They may also break relationships with people who do not use drugs and begin associating with those who do.

It is not uncommon for drug addicts to develop problems at work or school. Teens may become expelled from school or have frequent visits to the principal’s office, while adults might get written up, suspended without pay, demoted, or have their hours drastically reduced.

Physical and Mental Symptoms of Drug Addiction

Drug addicts will also exhibit certain mental and physical symptoms, which may be present in varying degrees based upon usage and the type of drug they are addicted to. A few of these symptoms include:

  • Obsessing over a drug and constantly thinking of ways to get more of it
  • Using drugs even after finding out that they are causing health problems
  • Having an intense urge for a particular drug
  • Developing an increased tolerance for a substance, making it impossible to get high unless large amounts are taken

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