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Psychiatric Services

Psychiatric issues can often give clues as to why an individual abuses drugs or alcohol.

What are Psychiatric Services?

Psychiatrists are medical doctors who specialize in the treatment of mental health disorders. An additional four years of residency is required beyond medical school to become a licensed psychiatrist. The services performed by these doctors explore how the mind and body are connected, allowing them to treat the whole person and not just certain symptoms. This is particularly important when dealing with a drug or alcohol addiction that may have its roots in one or more mental illnesses, such as bipolar disorder, mood disorders or anxiety disorders.

Benefits of Psychiatric Services

Providing psychiatric services in conjunction with drug and alcohol addiction treatment has numerous benefits, including:

  • Being able to diagnose mental illnesses that may have previously gone unchecked
  • Making it possible to come up with a more successful treatment plan based upon a person’s own individual needs
  • Providing doctors with the information they need to more accurately prescribe and manage medication

The right psychiatric services will also address any underlying issues, such as codependency or bipolar disorder, which increase a person’s odds of becoming addicted. By controlling these conditions, not only does your prognosis improve but so do your odds of remaining sober indefinitely.

How are Psychiatric Services Performed?

Typically, you will undergo an initial interview with a psychiatrist immediately after detox. This interview, known as an evaluation, is designed to provide a broader picture of your mental health as well as to give clues as to why you may have begun using drugs or alcohol in the first place. It will also help us determine whether or not you have a co-occurring disorder that might also require treatment.

Some components of our psychiatric services include:

  • Collecting a personal and family medical history to determine your likelihood of developing certain conditions
  • Compiling a comprehensive psychiatric history that includes any previous treatment programs you may have been enrolled in
  • Learning more about your substance abuse history and any attempts to become clean
  • Reviewing test results and a list of symptoms related to your most recent psychiatric diagnosis

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