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Partial Hospitalization Program

Full hospitalization is not always required in order to beat addiction.

What is a Partial Hospitalization Program?

Sometimes referred to as a “day program”, a partial hospitalization program (PHP) provides treatment five days per week for a total of 30 hours or more. Participants attend the program for at least six hours each day, much like they would a regular job, and then return to their own homes in the evening. This type of program is ideal for someone who is not quite ready to “step down” to an outpatient program (OP), or does not require the type of intense treatment that is provided with full hospitalization.

Benefits of a Partial Hospitalization Program

Partial hospitalization allows those with serious addiction problems to continue their treatment after being released. It also provides for a more gradual release, and may, therefore, help patients eliminate some of the shock they feel after leaving a treatment facility.

Other benefits include:

  • Letting patients feel as though they have more control over their recovery
  • Allowing individuals to spend more quality time with loved ones
  • Being more cost-effective than full hospitalization
  • Providing long-term treatment solutions to increase one’s odds of success
  • Developing a network of peer support and community-based resources to address a variety of needs

Partial Hospitalization Program Components

Our patients receive individualized treatment plans that include the management of medication when applicable. These individuals may also benefit from the following services:

Who is a Good Candidate for Partial Hospitalization?

A partial hospitalization program may be perfect for those who have used up their insurance benefits, yet still, require longer treatment. Individuals who are at risk for a relapse are strongly advised to consider PHP, as are those who do not have a strong support system in place at home. Patients who relapse while undergoing IOP may sometimes “step up” to PHP temporarily until they are better able to manage their urges again.

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