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Family Addiction Education and Support Programs

Addiction does not affect just those with a substance abuse problem, but everyone around them. As such, families often require assistance dealing with the effects of an addiction, as well as education to help them better support their loved one during recovery.

Addiction – It Affects the Entire Family!

Anyone who has ever had an addicted family member will tell you that everyone in the household is affected by substance abuse. A few of the ways addiction can affect family members are:

  • Financially, as an addict may spend valuable resources to purchase drugs or alcohol. Financial problems can be further compounded whenever a person is unable to hold down a job due to his or her addiction.
  • Legally – Drug and alcohol abuse may result in problems with law enforcement, or may trigger an investigation into child abuse or child neglect.
  • Personally – Family members may spend so much time caring for an addict that they are unable to properly care for themselves. In single-parent households, children may go without meals, proper clothing, or medical attention because their mother or father is unable to provide it.
  • Emotionally – Drug and alcohol addiction can negatively affect relationships because it results in undue stress and difficulties communicating.

Family Support for Addicts

Many family members are so concerned with getting help for their loved one that they never consider that they might also need assistance themselves. These individuals are greatly relieved to find that their pain is not imaginary and that there are practical, effective ways of dealing with issues.

Goals of our Family Education and Support Program

In the beginning, our family education and support programs focus on educating family members about addiction. During the early stages, our facilitators will talk about the myths concerning drug and alcohol use and help participants learn the characteristics of at-risk individuals. They will also discuss recovery and the various ways to achieve sobriety.

Family members often unwittingly enable addicts to continue their behavior. As such, an important phase in every program involves an enabling questionnaire to help people learn whether or not they are enabling and if so, why. This can help them learn new strategies for dealing with situations so that the responsibility for recovery is placed on the addict and not those around him.

How North Coast Recovery Can Help

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