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Drug Abuse vs Drug Addiction in Oregon

Drug abuse and drug addiction are often thought of as being the same thing but are actually different conditions. Although drug abuse is somewhat less serious, it may lead to drug addiction, and should, therefore, be addressed as early as possible. Fortunately, North Coast Recovery in Astoria, Oregon, can help the residents of Astoria and the surrounding communities in the Pacific Northwest and across the country, identify signs of drug abuse and drug addiction so the right treatment can then be prescribed.

Drug Abuse vs. Drug Addiction: What is the Difference?

Drug abuse is characterized as an unhealthy use of drugs or alcohol. Drug addiction, on the other hand, is a physical or mental dependency on an illicit substance. In other words, drug abusers may not necessarily be compelled to use because they are addicted. That does not mean their drug use is not problematic, as even occasional indulgence can result in serious issues such as relationship struggles or health problems.

Many drug addicts start out abusing drugs on a recreational or social basis, and then gradually progress to more frequent or heavy usage. Before long, what started out to be an occasional habit has turned into an addiction – one that is often denied by the person who has a problem. Many people who are abusing drugs may refuse help, making the matter all that more frustrating for those around them.

Signs of Drug Abuse

One of the first telltale signs that someone is using drugs is a sudden change in behavior. A person who is using drugs may become withdrawn socially or have a newfound interest in people that he or she normally would not associate with. At that same time, relationships with old friends might become strained, and activities that the individual once enjoyed could no longer seem interesting. Drug abusers may also undergo significant personality changes, showing extreme mood swings or even outbursts of anger.

Signs of Drug Addiction

Drug addiction often leads to more extreme, erratic behavior that can include:

  • Compulsive lying to or manipulating others
  • Criminal behavior
  • Extreme personal neglect that may include not getting dressed
  • An ability to function normally, as drug addiction can make it difficult for individuals to work, go to school, or handle daily obligations

Treating Drug Abuse and Drug Addiction

Drug use impacts nearly every aspect of a person’s life, even among “high-functioning” drug users. Here at North Coast Recovery, we do more than just help the patient manage the symptoms of drug abuse or addiction, but instead treat the whole person, ensuring their odds of a recovery are high, and the likelihood of a relapse is very low.

Why Choose North Coast Recovery?

  • Licensed treatment facility in the state of Oregon
  • Individualized treatment plans
  • Long and short-term programs available
  • Gender-specific programs
  • Personalized, compassionate care

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Drug abuse and drug addiction are two very serious issues that should be addressed by a professional recovery specialist here at North Coast Recovery. Conveniently located in Astoria, Oregon, we are a highly rated drug treatment facility that serves residents of Astoria and the surrounding communities in the Pacific Northwest and across the country. Our programs provide a wide range of treatments with a track record of effectiveness to help people overcome addiction. Please contact us today to find out more about how North Coast Recovery can serve you.