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Outpatient Treatment Programs

Overcoming addiction alone can be difficult if not impossible. Here at North Coast Recovery, we provide a variety of addiction treatment programs designed not only to help people manage their addiction but to identify and address the problems that contributed to it in the first place.

Outpatient Treatment Programs for Addiction

Our treatment programs provide alcohol and drug addicts with a safe, comfortable place in which to receive care. Our treatment programs are designed for anyone suffering from a serious addiction, as well as those who are prone to relapse. During your treatment at our facility, we may provide any or all of the following services:

What to Expect from our Outpatient Addiction Treatment Programs

The type of addiction treatment program that is right for you will depend on a number of factors. During the intake process, we will assess your addiction and learn a little bit about your lifestyle and habits to determine the right course of action to take. Of course, the results of any psychiatric or psychological evaluations will be taken into account as well. The goal is to provide you with the best treatment plan possible, which can only happen when there are plenty of flexible options from which to choose.

North Coast Recovery is proud to offer the following addiction treatment programs:

How North Coast Recovery Can Help

North Coast Recovery is an outpatient treatment rehab center in the Pacific Northwest serving the Portland Metro Area, Hillsboro, Beaverton and surrounding areas in Oregon as well as Seattle, Tacoma, Vancouver and the I-5 corridor in Washington and Oregon. Contact us for more information and to learn how North Coast Recovery can help you or a family member.

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