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About Us

North Coast Recovery in Oregon can help individuals throughout the Pacific Northwest and across the country who are in need of recovery services. We invite patients and their family members to learn more about us and become familiar with the various addiction treatment services we provide.

Holistic Approach to Treatment

At North Coast Recovery in Oregon, we know that every detail is equally as important when it comes to ensuring sobriety. That’s why we have carefully chosen everything from our beautiful location to the layout and décor of our buildings. Providing you with peaceful, attractive surroundings is the first step in easing your mind so that you can better focus on your reason for being here.

You will find our caring, compassionate staff members are second to none. These individuals are largely medical professionals who have chosen this field out of their concern for others. Their goal is not only to provide you with the best treatment possible but also to help you transform your life. Many of them have struggled personally with addiction or had a friend or family member who has, so they have a unique understanding of what you and your loved ones may be going through. At no time will our staff be judgmental toward you because of the circumstances that brought you to our treatment facility in the first place.

Healthy Lifestyle

A drug or alcohol addiction often brings about malnutrition and a variety of other health disorders. Here at North Coast Recovery, we do our best to counteract those issues by providing you with healthy, nutritious meals and snacks. Good food and a good mood go hand-in-hand, which is why all our meals are carefully prepared in an effort to ensure they are as enjoyable as possible. Of course, if you have special dietary needs, we are more than happy to take those into consideration as well.

Exercise and Recreation

Exercise and recreation is an integral part of recovery as well. Throughout your stay, we offer plenty of ways for you to engage in exercise and recreation, whether it is simply taking a walk outdoors or playing board games with other patients. Providing you time to relax and unwind ensures you are ready to fully engage in the intense treatment program we have designed for you, providing you with the greatest odds of success in the long run.

Why Choose North Coast Recovery?

  • Licensed treatment facility in the state of Oregon
  • Individualized treatment plans
  • Long and short-term programs available
  • Gender-specific programs
  • Personalized, compassionate care

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Here at North Coast Recovery, we are a highly rated addiction treatment facility that serves individuals throughout the Pacific Northwest and across the country. Our programs provide a wide range of treatments with a track record of effectiveness to help people overcome addiction. Please contact us today to find out more about how North Coast Recovery can serve you.